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A Heritage of Quality.

You see and hear a-lot about quality these days. It's important, though, to know the basis for a company's quality claims. There is quality born out of participation in a mandatory improvement process. And then there is quality born out of pride. Family pride.

Rainville-Carlson, Inc., was founded by Walter Rainville and Evar Carlson in 1924 and incorporated in 1927. They soon built an outstanding reputation as one of the premier roofing companies in a growing Twin Cities area.

Carl Johnson joined the company in 1934, establishing a family legacy that continues to this day. Through the years, Carl's grandson and great grandsons have maintained and built upon the Rainville-Carlson reputation for quality work and excellence in service.

Today, Rainville-Carlson is a leading union contractor in industrial and commercial roofing, sheet metal, heating ventilation and air conditioning throughout the Twin Cities metropolitan area.